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Every year my entire family goes to Maine on vacation. My dad is from there, and we went as kids to my great grandmother’s house on the ocean so it holds a special place in our hearts. We fly into Boston, catch a Red Sox game, and head to the coast about 70 miles north of the city where dad rents a house big enough for everyone to stay together. This year was particularly special because my little brother, Andrew, had a plan to propose to his girlfriend while we were there! I was quite impressed with Andrew as he meticulously chose the perfect ring, day, and location for popping the question. It’s a family tradition to eat brunch at the Cliff House in York, Maine while we are in town; so Andrew knew that it would be the ideal location, not only for its incredible view, but because of how special it is to everyone in our family. So we told Sarah that we wanted a big family photo and that everyone needed to be dressed up. As we arrived, Andrew led her down the staircase that winds down to the rocks below. She realized that no one else was following, so I told her that because Kennedy, our 10 month old daughter, had fallen asleep we would wait until after the meal; but since the two of them were already all the way down the stairs, I told her I would go ahead and get a few shots. Meanwhile, the rest of our 13 family members were at the top of the cliff, eagerly watching. Ryan, our oldest brother, was also secretly taking video as everything unfolded! So I took a few posed photos, and then told them I’d back up for a different look, which was the cue Andrew and I had talked about. He talked to her for a minute or so, and her facial expressions seemed to change with every word, as she realized what was about to happen. At that point the “flood gates” opened, but not for them- for me! I COULD NOT STOP CRYING. I was trying to blink fast enough to still see what photos I was taking. It was sweet and wonderful. I feel so proud of Andrew, and so excited for their future together!


Engaged (1 of 17)Engaged (2 of 17)Engaged (3 of 17)Engaged (4 of 17)Engaged (5 of 17)Engaged (6 of 17)Engaged (7 of 17)                                                                 Andrew’s face is priceless here…Engaged (8 of 17)Engaged (9 of 17)Engaged (10 of 17)                                                                  The bling! Engaged (11 of 17)Engaged (13 of 17)Engaged (14 of 17)                                                                 Sarah called her mom right after she said, “Yes!”.
Engaged (16 of 17)                                                                  Pictures do not do this ring justice; it is amazing. Andrew did a wonderful job choosing it! Engaged (17 of 17)

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