The Boy

I had two girls. And then came Bennett (and later Jude). Of course, I love love love all of my babies. They are the joy of my life. But it was so fun to have a boy! For my husband to have a son. For our last name to be carried on. Girls are special in their own way, but I know that Kirk and Kaycee agree that they are thrilled to welcome Richer! He was a gem for his session. And his sisters are just precious. What a sweet family! blogslay-12-of-12blogslay-8-of-12blogslay-7-of-12blogslay-6-of-12blogslay-5-of-12blogslay-4-of-12blogslay-3-of-12blogslay-2-of-12blogslay-1-of-12blogslay-9-of-12blogslay-10-of-12blogslay-11-of-12

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