Such a DOLL!

Little Miss Molly and I only had 15 minutes together for a mini session. The last time I saw her was when she was a couple of months old, and I was photographing her aunt’s wedding. Isn’t it funny that when they are teeny tiny, we have no idea what their personalities will be like, unless you had one of those strong-willed baby 42 hours in labor kind of experiences. But then they are 6 months, and they let you know they hate the baby food you just made them try, or one year and they think everything is funny. Or for Molly, it’s the wonder and adventure that the world holds. We could have searched for acorns in that field for hours and she would have been happy as a lark! What a darling child! mdd2016-5-copymdd2016-3-1-of-1-copymdd2016-9-copymdd2016-15-copymdd2016-14-copy

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